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Cast Loop Forms for Channel Furnaces Improve Sintering of Dry Vibratable Refractories
The cast loop form has become an industry standard for cast melt-out loop forms. C-L Ozment & Associates Loop Sales, LLC has long been associated with melt-out cast loop forms and has a proven record supplying a quality product. Ozment & Associates cast melt-out loop forms have been used successfully for many years and are superior to other loop forms made from materials such as wood, fabricated steel and welded copper. Selecting the wrong material can cause a loss of production and a lowering of profits.
  Cast Loop forms are available in Steel, Copper and Iron
Advantages of the Cast Loop Form
Ozment & Associates cast loop forms are superior to fabricated loop forms. With fabricated loop forms, wall sections are usually thinner and the final shape is based on the flat steel sections used in the fabrication process. Cross-sections typically look boxy and do not provide the smooth contours that you get with a ‘cast to shape required’ Ozment & Associates loop form. As with any fabrication, the quality of the welds most be insured to prevent breakage during the sinter process. With a cast loop form this is not an issue.
C-L Ozment & Associates Loop Sales, LLC cast loop forms are normalized, stress-relieved, and manufactured to ASTM-A27 specifications. Additionally, all cast steel loop forms are magnetic particle inspected to insure the quality of every form. By using our cast Loop forms you will insure a trouble free sinter process for your channel furnace.

Ozment & Associates can also supply cast copper Loop forms for non-ferrous channel furnace operators. In addition to the steel and copper cast Loop forms, we can also supply loop forms made of iron, manufactured and inspected to ASTM-A48 specifications.
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